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YES, I would like a full assessment of my customer portfolio.
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Yes, scan my portfolio
Risk analysis also for SMEs & start-ups

Calculate your potential losses

Risk analysis: protect your turnover in uncertain times

Unpaid invoices. Deferred payments. The risk of defaults increases in these uncertain times. Run the CofaScan and gain further insight into the financial health of your customer portfolio (or prospective customer portfolio) .*

The fact that we are a world leader in credit insurance is a major advantage to you. With our global information network and our risk analyses we are in an excellent position to help you to assess your partners’ credit worthiness. So that you will know who your high-risk customers are.

Check your customer portfolio

CofaScan: check your customers’ risk score

CofaScan is an analytical solution that merges your customer data with our global database, Coface Predictive Information. You will receive a consolidated overview of your customers’ scores following a Debtor Risk Assessment (DRA) and information on potential losses within your portfolio.

The report CofaScan will deliver, will help you to make smart business decisions:

  • Prioritisation of collection: which customer requires my attention?
  • Cashflow management: what is my projected loss over the coming 12 months?
  • Credit acceptance: to which customer or potential customer can I grant (additional) credit?
  • Advice: how do I determine the correct strategy for my portfolio?

How does
CofaScan work?


Data collection

  • Basic input of your existing customers


Coface Global Database

  • Comparison of your information with the data and knowledge by one of the world’s leading credit insurers


Debtor Risk Assessment

  • The Debtor Risk Assessment (DRA) uses a scale from 0 to 10. Each figure represents the likelihood of non-payment and matches a risk category.
  • Consolidated overview of your customers in accordance with their DRA
  • Based on the analysis of various risk factors


Portfolio analysis

  • The higher the score, the lower the risk of non-payment.


Calculation of potential losses

  • DRA score = 2 or lower:
    be careful to deliver on credit; better deliver after prepayment or against guarantee
  • DRA-score = 7 or higher:
    greater chance that the customer pays on time; however, there is always the risk that the customer is unable to pay

Want to conduct business in the future?
First check your supplier’s, prospect’s or customer’s risk level.With our other forecasting information tools.

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Which data
do we use?

With our risk analysis systems, we have access to (even non-public) data from 80 million companies worldwide - always up-to-date. Result: valuable data input and a highly accurate risk score.

Why you will certainly do business with Coface

More than 70 years’ experience.
A global leader in credit insurance, recognized expert in business risks and the global economy.
With a network established in more than 200 countries.


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*Prospection portfolio created without likelihood of non-payment